Outdoor Management

Outdoor Media Management

At Viva Marketing Agency, our media implementation services are practical executions that get modern media working in your internal or external programs and get messages to where the audiences are. The right mix of new media modernizes marketing communications, gets more value for investment, embraces relevant audiences and meets modern expectations.

Outdoor Media Buying

We help you in negotiating your outdoor placements to publishers and suppliers. Through our professional expertise in buying the most exquisite, yet cost-effective places, we give you the edge for the maximum reach out. Our wide network helps you to execute your proceedings with the best possible standards.


Banners are the types of flags which display a message, caption or slogan generating a curiosity among the audience. Viva Marketing Agency works in designing and placement of these banners at strategic locations. Our capabilities include virtually every available type of banner, from cloth to plastic, so our clients can colour the city with their colors.


The largest of all outdoor promotion strategies, hoardings attract the maximum amount of attention and garner the most visibility. We design and develop the entire range of hoardings and billboards as a part of our outdoor media strategy and help our clients choose the right locations.


Our association with ace photographers and artists makes good at what we do. We create backdrops for corporate meetings, hotels, productions, interiors and much more. At Viva Marketing Agency, our creativity is focused to design the backdrops as per client requirements.

Bus Shelters/ Public Utilities

Bus shelter advertising has grown out to be a very popular outdoor advertising approach. This is a potent medium to surprise, excite and engage the customers. Viva Marketing Agency helps clients in designing the concepts. Our creative edge enables our clients to etch themselves in the memory of their customers with increased visibility.


Kiosks are the small billboards placed on poles alongside the roads. The kiosks may be simple or glow sign. They further increase the visibility of your product. Kiosks should be crisp ‘n catchy, so that they can be read at the pass of a second, while a person is passing by. Kiosks can also be used as a teaser before the launch of the product to create hype.